Our Leaders


Group Scout Leader – Jenny Turner

Jenny has been active in Scouting and Guiding for many years. Jenny started the 151 Beaver Colony in 1982 and subsequently been a Venture Scout Leader and the District Commissioner for Brunel Scout District. Jenny is currently a District Training Advisor and sits on the Adult Appointments panel. Jenny is married to John (the previous GSL) who is currently the Chair of the Group Executive Committee and the Assistant District Commissioner for Adventurous Activities.


Beaver Scout Leader – tba
Assistant Beaver Scout Leader – tba

Young Leader –


Cub Scout Leader – tba
Assistant Cub Scout Leader – Andy Lingard

Cub Section Assistant –

Young Leader – 


Scout Leader –  Claire Delaney
Assistant Scout Leader -Dave Monks
Assistant Scout Leader – Martyn White
Assistant Scout Leader – David Mordecai

Scout Section Assistant – Kev Brooks

Scout Section Assistant – Julie Brizzell